The Great Scrape - With Gift Box






The Ultimate BBQ Cleaning Tool. An alternative to the wire brush. It grooves to fit your barbecue grill without damaging your grates. A perfect BBQ gift.

Add in the beautiful Great Scrape Gift Box and you've got a phenomenal present for your favorite BBQ enthusiasts. Includes: Great Scrape Paddle, 2 delicious BBQ rubs, 2 mouth watering sauces, 1 bottle of mineral oil, 1 cleaning cloth and a beautiful custom made carrying case.

Key Benefits:

COMFORT - fits perfectly into the palm of your hand
SIZE - provides the reach to stay away from the heat

Paddle: 20" x 4 3/4" x 1"

How The Great Scrape Works:

  • Get The Grill Hot - to start the grooving process, ensure your grill is hot (high heat allows the grooves to form quickly).
  • Work Back and Forth - Using slow firm pressure, pass the Great Scrape front to back on the hot grates.
  • Repeat - align the previously formed grooves to the grates ensuring that only ONE good set of grooves are formed.  Once grooves have formed high heat is no longer necessary.