Extra Large Handmade Dominoes




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Snake Eyes Dominoes™ are handmade of solid wood – made to last for years with hot-iron branded pips and a rich finish. The dominoes are 3.5 by 7 inches and 1/2 an inch thick.

A Set Includes:
• 28 dominoes (Double Blanks through Double Sixes)
• A custom Snake Eyes Dominoes drawstring jute bag for easy transportation
• Rules for 4 dominoes games are included to get you playing right away.

Snake Eyes Dominoes and packaging are all-natural and weigh 6.5 pounds.
The Dominoes are hand made in Minneapolis, MN.
Each piece is unique and will vary.
Wipe clean and dry, store indoors.
Visit our website for more games you can play with your set of Dominoes.

Made in the USA.