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The Smart Way To Water

Spend more time enjoying your lawn than working on it! Let Skydrop determine the optimal watering times to keep your lawn looking its best while saving 35% on water use.

Smartphone Enabled, But Not Required
Easily manage your lawn right from the app, however with the beautifully clear LCD screen and smooth jog dial, you have full access right from the controller.

Easy to Install

No special tools needed. Installs to your existing sprinkler within minutes. Full customer service is here to help if you need it.

No More Guess Work

Skydrop automatically creates your watering schedule using neighborhood-specific weather data.

Beautiful Yard

Say goodbye to brown spots! Get a healthy, drought-resistant lawn through deep, infrequent watering.

More Free Time

Skydrop’s smart watering technology lets you enjoy your lawn instead of constantly wondering if you’re watering properly.

Mobile Control at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the easy-to-use interface accessible through the Skydrop controller and your smartphone, tablet or computer. Skydrop automatically sets optimal watering levels for your lawn, garden and landscaping: with hot, cool, rain–Skydrop has got you covered.

Skydrop Smart Watering Sprinker Controller has 8 built in zones, 2 Common Ports, a Hot Position (for testing) and Master Valve (optional).

Using the most advanced technology to access hyper-local weather data, Skydrop calculates water loss in your soil to adjust your watering schedule, which means you’ll spend:

  • Less on your water bill,
  • Less time tinkering with your watering system, and
  • More time doing more of what you love.

Skydrop quickly pays for itself by helping you save water.

Simple. Effective. Smart.

We believe technology should make your life easier.

Cloud-based Smart Watering™ technology automatically adjusts to real-time
weather conditions to intelligently water your landscape.

Always Connected

Uses real-time, accurate data to water just the right amount at just the right times.

Multiple Access Points. One Experience.

Skydrop let’s you control every valve, every schedule, even multiple controller units thru the same intuitive interface.

Less Work. More Green

Spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love. Stop wasting your weekends fixing brown spots because your set sprinkler mis-watered.

Easy to Install

Meet The App

Introducing the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

  • Simple, elegant control at your fingertips
  • Advanced notifications and monthly savings reports
  • Accurate access from anywhere