Essential Salt Set




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Can be used as finishing salts, so a little goes a long way. Includes 6 .55 oz. vials plus storage tin.

Black Truffle Sea Salt contains only sea salt and ground black truffle. Earthy, aromatic and delicious on popcorn or gourmet mac and cheese.

Spanish Saffron Sea Salt contains sea salt and Spanish Saffron threads. Sprinkle over grilled shrimp or into risotto.

Lime Habanero sea salt contains sea salt, ground habanero peppers and dried lime peel. Rub on corn or chicken before grilling on the BBQ, add a pinch as a finishing salt or use to spice up guacamole. Rim a margarita glass with our lime habanero sea salt–if you dare!Rosemary Sage Sea Salt contains sea salt, dried rosemary and ground sage. Delicious on potatoes and oven roasted chicken.

Pink Himalayan Salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains. It is mined by hand and packed with minerals. Use to add a savory component to sweet, chocolate desserts or sprinkle over grilled fish.

Black Hawaiian salt is rich and infused with charcoal. Add to roasted vegetables deviled eggs.


Handmade in the USA.