Make Your Own Mead (Full Gallon) Equipment Kit

Make Your Own Mead (Full Gallon) Equipment Kit




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1 Gallon Mead Equipment Starter Kit - includes everything you need except the honey.

Great for the experienced mead maker or for beginners. This equipment in this kit can be used to make as many batches of mead as you like and you can use this kit to make beer or wine as well!

All you need is honey and water! Includes basic instructions for your first mead along with yeast, campden tablets, and sanitizer.

Includes the following:

-2 Gallon Fermentor
- Grommeted Fermentor Lid
-1 Gallon Glass Carboy
- Carboy Cap
- Rubber Stopper
- Airlock
- Pasteur Red Yeast
- Shut-Off Hose Clamp
- Siphon with Anti-Sediment Siphon Cap
- 4' 5/16" ID x 7/16" OD Tubing
- 2 oz. One Step No Rinse Cleaner
- 10 Campden Tablets
- Triple-Scale Hydrometer
- Fermometer
- Basic Mead Recipe Instructions

Handmade in the USA.