Urban Beekeeping Starter Kit




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Even if you’re a beginner or have limited outdoor space, our Urban Beekeeping Starter Kit can help you join the fast growing urban beekeeping movement.

Bees help produce about one third of our food through their pollinating efforts, so having them around is vital. For the past few years, hives have been disappearing at an alarming rate, in part because of Colony Collapse Disorder, when worker bees disappear and the colony dies out.

With the Urban Beekeeping Starter Kit you can help the bees AND reap the benefits—like nutrient-rich honey and beeswax.

Raise your own bees with this starter beekeeping kit. Each wooden hive is Made in the USA and is ideal for urban spaces—like small backyards or roof decks. Stack the modular components, and the bees will seal it up with a byproduct of their honey making—there’s no need for nails. A copper roof protects the hive from the elements, and a clear panel lets you peek in on the action. Once the hive is set up, order your own colony of bees, and soon it will be buzzing with activity.

Accessories (Optional)

  • Hive stand
  • Beekeeping hat with veil*
  • Beekeeping leather gloves
  • Steel hive tool with bag
  • Bee brush
  • Metal frame tool
  • Metal smoker*
  • Smoker fuel
  • Beekeeping book

*Some accessories not made in USA.

Note: Before you get started, check your local laws about hive regulations and registration. You’ll also need to “hire” (i.e. buy) your buzzing workers, and local bees are best. Contact a beekeeping organization in your area and they’ll be happy to help.