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The GOSLEEP® travel system empowers travelers to get restful sleep anywhere.

The perfect pillow and an innovative sleep mask design are used in conjunction to prevent “head-bob” empowering travelers to sleep sitting up on airplanes, trains, and automobiles.  This upright sleep system utilizes soft, breathable fabrics and plush memory foam to ensure you stay comfy and cool on any trip.

GOSLEEP® is proud to be an American company, all design and manufacturing is done in Los Angeles, CA. USA.

The #1 Premier Airplane Travel Pillow System!

Today, you have many convenient ways to travel, and flying takes the award for the easiest mode of long-distance transportation. While flying is simple, sleeping on a plane isn’t. You may not be sure how to sleep on a plane, but luckily, you don’t have to stress about that aspect of your flight.

GOSLEEP provides an array of travel kits to make your flight more comfortable. With GOSLEEP products, you won’t have to wonder how to sleep on a plane—you can easily do it and feel cozy through the duration of your flight.

Discover How Our Products Can Benefit You

If you’ve tried to nap or get a full night’s rest during any flight, you’ve likely woken up feeling less rested than before you fell asleep. You may have a crick in your neck and feel stiff and sore from sitting in a cramped coach seat.

The patented GOSLEEP travel kit provides you with an easy solution. The inventive mask blocks light and prevents the infamous head bob by keeping your head in place with the attached elastic cord while the plush memory foam pillow fills the space behind the neck. When you wake, you’ll feel well rested and revitalized for whatever journey awaits you past the arrival gate. GOSLEEP also works well if you plan to travel in a car, bus, or train.