EXCLUSIVE - Five Piece Backyard Campfire Set






Product Details:

You won't find this anywhere else! This is an EXCLUSIVE product made only for Spots on a Leopard and features a seriously cool, five piece backyard campfire set. S'mores anyone?

You'll get three "Original OneLogFire," measuring 5.5”-6.5” in diameter by 8” in height and 2-roasting sticks. With an astonishing burn time of approximately two full hours, the Original OneLogFire will keep your campfire cracking.

Our History

The magic of gathering around a cozy fire and making memories, as well as the intoxicating smell of fresh pine, are the foundations upon OneLogFire was created.

The logs are harvested from local, Minnesota forest and meticulously kiln dried and cut. They feature a non-toxic firestarter on the side for quick lighting and a handle on the top for effortless transportation. The hole in the middle of the log ensures up two hours of burn time. Free of the mess of traditional campfires. OneLogFire is perfect for a beach or lakeside bonfire, backyard barbecue, in a fireplace or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next celebration.

The design of OneLogFire is centuries old, taking inspiration from the Swedish Torch (or Swedish fire log). The Swedish torch was used during "The Thirty Years' War" between Sweden and Germany in the1600's as a heat source, cooking device, and a beacon to guide them home. While today's OneLogFire is a lot less about survival and a lot more about creating memories, the simplicity of a OneLogFire remains timeless. Β