10 Questions Financial Planners Wish You’d Ask

Posted by Arvind Krishnan on

When it comes to enlisting the services of a financial advisor, the process is a bit like dating. Just like you want to find a partner who shares your goals, communicates clearly and inspires trust, you want to find a financial pro who exhibits those qualities.

U.S. News asked financial planners which questions they wish their clients would ask them. Their responses are below.

β€œHow do you get paid?” This question is absolutely essential for clients who are visiting a financial advisor for the first time. β€œIt’s an important question because you want to know if you are paying hidden fees or commissions. For instance, a fee-based advisor will charge fees plus commission, whereas a fee-only advisor is paid only by the client,” says Stephanie Genkin, certified financial planner and founder of My Financial Planner LLC in Brooklyn.

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